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Jewellery Covered Box Part 1

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Do you want your packaging of jewelry box looks charmful and luxury to improve the jewelry value?

To know more about Winnerpak packaging box for jewelry,we would show you our basic design of luxury Jewelry Covered Box here.

The skins of these boxes are made of high quality materials from sitouch & Pellaq,ect. and the inside pads of these boxes are made of high grade velvet & PU. They are so colourful and lightning that are suitable to contain the fine jewelry.  

A. Straight Corner Collection

1.Straight Corner jewelry box by Cartier Style with slim lines circle : SC01-OL Series

2. Straight Corner jewelry box with Mark Label or Logo board. SC20-SP Series

3.Straight Corner jewelry box with Different colour fancy paper. SC09-MB series

4.Straight Corner jewellery box with Leatherette Wrapping at the surface. SU07-PU Series.

5. Straight Coner jewelry box with Special  decoration at top box lid. ST02-ZM Series

6.Straight Coner jewelry box with Ribbon attached. SC03-CG Series

7.Straight Corner jewelry box with embossed colour changeful logo.ST01-CS Series.
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